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Update 9-21-2021

First of all I want to apologize that it has taken me so long to write an update, I really don’t have an excuse except it’s just being lazy on my part.

In July, Wendy Anderson and I flew down to meet Dave and her husband Greg in sunny California. They had a tournament where they were working. So Wendy and I got some much needed rest by the pool and had wonderful dinners at night with the guys. On their days off from the tournament, we went to The Los Angeles Chargers training camp, ( We sat in the family section and got to see our Oregon Ducks own Justin Herbert, who is now the star quarterback for the Chargers. (This is FINALLY going to be our year.) We even went to the Anaheim Angels Baseball game, where we sat 3rd row, and then took a Hollywood Hills Homes of the Stars tour, which was really fun! Every evening we would always end our night at our favorite dessert place, Joe’s Italian ice, famous for the Joe Latte, which is the best dessert in the world!

In August I celebrated my 60th birthday at Sunriver, in beautiful central Oregon, with about 20 family and friends. Thank you Jim and Annette Simms for organizing a beautiful home, and wonderful trip for years of memories.

We kicked off the week with a scavenger hunt throughout Sunriver. Winners Scott Santangelo, and Annette Simms. Guys Golf Tournament won by Greg, Steve, Pep, and Mike Pagel.

Congratulations go to Shuffleboard tourney’s winning teams, Steve & Laura, and Heather and Jim.

Heather and Laura also took home a lot of money after playing nightly card games. We also played Dave’s version of Card Sharks and his favorite game “Tombola” (Italian Bingo.) Pep and I even SUCCESSFULLY defended our Doubles Tennis title against Dave and Liz 6-4!

Food contest winners: Best Dinner - Steve & Kim, for the tastiest tender prime rib, Best Dessert- Jim & Annette for their homemade Apple Crisp.

( But ) Making Dinner atmosphere goes to Pep & Carla - for the Handmade Italian Panzerotti’s food line, and Italian Music- supplied by Greg, (Dave and I even Danced in the Kitchen to Frank Sinatra) And thank you to Heather, for winning the best presentation award for my surprise Birthday party.

Biggest Surprise of the week - when Greg, Wendy, Dave and I flew in Joe Latte’s from Anaheim Ca, and presented to all with a little song and dance, Oh so much fun!

Other Birthdays celebrated were my sister in-law Kim’s 65th, Jim Simms 59th, and we even pulled off a surprise baby shower for the newest member of our family, sweet baby girl Landry.

We voted Jerry and Liz as the best parents, and the MVP’s of the week, and Landry even won Rookie of the year! (did I say she is the sweetest, cutest baby around) I can't wait until next year when she will be running around the house. It was a trip Dave and I will never forget, Thank you all for making this week so special, it meant so much to me!!

Medical Update:

This summer on my break from chemo, I did 12 rounds of Vitamin C IV infusions, which I handled pretty well. I also had some more acupuncture treatments for my continuous neuropathy in both feet and my fingers. (My feet feel frozen and feel like I am walking on bones,or nerves, and my fingertips tingle all the time. These are the side effects from the Chemotherapy I did last year.)

In August my latest CT Scan showed that the cancer has progressed. I now have a new very large cyst on my right ovary, located in my lower abdomen. My Dr. believes it probably is cancerous, but there are no more surgeries in my future. She is also watching a small area in my lungs which shows some small lesions.

My Chemo break is now over, I have started a new Chemotherapy drug. My schedule is supposed to be: chemo once a week for three weeks, and then one week off.

Well this week didn't go as planned, (dealing with cancer never does) It was supposed to be my 3rd treatment but they couldn’t give me chemo because my platelets were too low, and it was deemed too dangerous. I am also experiencing some side effects, I am having high fevers, my ankles are swelling and badly bruised and I am experiencing some fatigue, especially when I have been on my feet too long. These side effects even took me to the ER last weekend.

The doctors decided to give me another three weeks off chemo hoping to get my platelets up and out of the danger zone. Please pray my Platelets and other blood work come back high enough for me to do chemo. Also Pray for me to keep my spirit up, when I am having bad days my mind wants to go to the rabbit hole which I desperately need to stay out of.

Thank you so much for all the prayers, cards, phone calls, texts, and all the words of encouragement! I have the best family and friends, thank you so much, I feel so loved! I am the luckiest person in the world, you guys give me the love, courage and strength to keep fighting.This is a tough journey and I don't know what we would do without you!

Please remember this:

There is no storm that God won’t carry you through.

No bridge that God won’t help you cross.

No battle that God won’t help you win.

Trust God and never give up.

God is Great and he Never makes mistakes!

I Love You! - Amy

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Richard Becker
Richard Becker
Sep 29, 2021

Wow what a wonderful time in Cali. and Bend . My prayers are with you every night and a group prayer for you at Bible study tonigt. God does not make mistakes he is Pure and he is Love . I'm glad I got on here tonight to read about what you two have been up to . Fantastic your friends and your loved ones are. God Bless You Amy .


Sep 23, 2021

Amy - We love you so much.

PS: why does Dommie always get you as a tennis partner?


Sep 23, 2021

Wonderful birthday party and a healing trip.

I also love the Joe latte. Miss it.

My family prays for you and Dave in our family worship every Saturday.

Don't forget you have a lot of Amy's Army in the world.


Wow! What a birthday celebration!! You guys sure do know how to pack a lot into one week. I’m exhausted reading that! LOL. Anyway, that’s the key. They don’t call it “celebration” for nothing.

Praying, praying, praying.

Love you,

Cousin Laura


Heather Persons
Heather Persons
Sep 22, 2021

Amy you deserve to be celebrated everyday for your strength and courage. Thank you for being my best friend and teaching me so many life lesson.

Love you to the moon and back.

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