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UPDATE 7-19-2021

Hello Everybody,

First of all I want to congratulate my niece Liz Candello and her husband Jerry Matson, on the birth of their beautiful daughter Landry Joan weighing in at 7lbs- 21.5 inches on June 30th she arrived almost a month early. Dave and I are now a great aunt and uncle, to the cutest baby, who has the most loving family, and will have the best grandparents! Her needs will always be met, because we are all going to spoil her rotten. We love you so much Jerry, Lizzie, and precious Landry, welcome to the world sweetie!

Congrats to grandparents Steve & Kim Candello, Trish Matson & Jerry Matson Sr.

Update on my health

I am currently on a chemo break and I am loving the time off. Besides my cancer oncologist Dr., I am also seeing two Dr's who specialize in Alternative Medicine. I just finished up 12 treatments of Vitamin C -IV infusions with one alternative Dr. It’s supposed to kill cancer cells, Dr. thinks this might help me stay off chemotherapy.

We are also thinking about doing Mistletoe injections, other countries use this along with the standard chemotherapy to fight Pancreatic Cancer.

Our philosophy has always been that we don’t want to leave any stone unturned, as long as it is safe, and my body can handle it, we are going to fight this horrible disease. I am also still doing acupuncture treatments with my other alternative Dr.

On my break we have lots of trips planned with family and friends. I am going to try and get plenty of rest for my body so I can start to feel like myself again.

I will have another CT scan and blood work in August. So please pray that the scans look stable so I can continue to be off chemo. Also pray for my CA-19 numbers to come down, the last two tests were very high, this is due to the cancer that I have.

Thank you again for all the love and support, and being on this journey with us. We feel all the love from all of you, the texts, phone calls and cards. And lets not forget this wonderful website that lets me keep you all updated. The comments you leave me, they are all read, and so much appreciated, makes me smile and feel so loved. Please continue with your prayers

I am so blessed by them.

Love to you all - Amy & Dave.

Oh almost forgot - We got back on the tennis court again and I beat poor Dave 6-4 !

Twelve rounds of chemo and I still got it!

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