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UPDATE 5-26-21

Dear Amy’s Army,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the wonderful uplifting surprise party. Dave and I were shocked, and so happy to see so many of our family and friends. We thought we were going to a small BBQ, at the Simms' new home, and then some of our army showed up. So many faces from our past and our present. I absolutely will never forget this night, it really meant more than you can imagine, for all of you to honor us with your presence, and caring so much about Dave and I. The money that was generously donated to us, will be going towards a new outside the box treatment plan, we have decided to pursue. So thank you so much for a beautiful evening.

Jim & Annette Simms, You guys are amazing! What a selfless act of kindness. Not only to organize this party, but to open up your new beautiful home in honor of Dave & I. We can’t thank you enough. You both are so caring, no matter who needs help, you guys are always the first one in line to help. You guys are so special, I love you so much. I am sure I am speaking for everybody. “We all love you!”

Now to ALL of my Army.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all the prayers, the cards, texts, phone calls, the hugs, the food, and especially this website ( thank you Steve). All this love and support you have shown us is beyond anything we can describe. All of this is so appreciated and helps me deal with my health. Dave always says “Amy you will have to go through the surgeries and do all the chemotherapy treatments, but our Faith, Family, and Friends will carry us through.” I know we can’t possibly do this without all of you.

I told Dave months ago that I am the luckiest person in the world. A lot of people go their whole life and never really know how much people care and love them…. I feel your love! You have prayed with me, you have cried with me, you have hugged me, and laughed with me. You have carried me through this journey. The cancer is in my body but everybody is helping me fight it. That’s why I am the luckiest person in the world.” I have you, and God on my side.

Medical update:

I am now on a chemo holiday, but we are using this time to try other treatments that might help fight this. I am now seeing two Naturopathic Dr’s. One is doing acupuncture for my neuropathy on my fingertips and my feet. I have never tried this before, it didn’t hurt and I didn't even feel it. The other Dr. is giving me treatment outside the box.

First of all, he put me on the Mediterranean diet. We learned that cancer cells love sugar, so he took us off all sugar, processed food and most dairy products. Dave is doing it with me, bless his heart he gave up his beloved sweets. but he is making wonderful seafood dinners, and lots of shrimp, which he loves. I miss my waffles, pancakes, and ice cream, but we are both eating very healthy. I am also now taking about 20 pills a day, mostly supplements.

The next thing we are doing is; High doses of IV Vitamin C infusion treatments 2x a week up to 10 treatments. We have learned that cancer cells hate Vitamin C in High doses, and our hope is to try to kill the cancer cells. I will have a CT Scan next week, to check to see if my 12 rounds of chemo worked, and this will be my baseline scan. After the Vitamin C treatments are done in the middle of June, I will be taking time off, to just be me. Love to you all - Amy

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Hi cousin, praying God will use whatever means you pursue for your complete healing. I'm sure there's discouraging times but your steadfast faith is inspiring. I have lingering neuropathy from chemo so you're not alone. I'll be curious to see how the acupuncture works. Whatever comes, hold your head high. You are God's precious treasure. He is for you and so are we. Love you both, Laura


Richard Becker
Richard Becker
May 30, 2021

Wow so fantastic for you two . A very nice surprise indeed .😀🙏


May 27, 2021

Amy - You're all the sweet that David needs. 😃We're so proud of you. Love you!

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