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UPDATE 4-22-21

Hello everybody, I want you all to know, I have finished my Twelve rounds of Chemotherapy, and I am going to take a chemo break for a while. They will do a CT scan in May to provide a baseline scan to compare every 2 months. There might be other chemo drugs in my future, but not now. Hopefully I take a long break. I also wanted to let you know my CA-19 tumor marker number this last round was 82 !!!!!!!, this is the lowest I have ever been, 37 is normal, So this is also proof the chemo treatments are working.

I need your continued prayers knowing the cancer has now spread outside my pancreas, and I am now a stage 4. I don’t know what my future holds, but through my Lord Jesus Christ, and loving husband, and wonderful friends like you. I am going to give this a good fight.

Love to you all - Amy

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