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Update 12-29-2021

The Candello family hopes all of you had a Merry Christmas and have a very Happy New Year.

We celebrated our Christmas with lots of family and friends. (all Vaccinated) I finally decorated our house this year after 3 years of cutting back to just a tree. Dave and I know after I got sick last year, how important each day and each Holiday is. So we did. And today I am taking it down, that's the hard part.

We each had our moment of “What Would Amy Do” Last week- Dave bought groceries for the person in front of him, it was a elderly woman, and she was so appreciative of his gesture. When he got home he was so excited to tell me. He did an Amy gesture. Mine was also last week, I was in St. Vincent hospital heading to my Chemo appointment and decided to get a scone at the coffee bar they have. A woman was in front of me and had a sandwich in her hand trying to decide what she wanted for her treat, and I was waiting patiently for her, and finally she told me to go in front of her and I said thank you cause I was heading to my chemo appointment, and she said “ Oh bless you and I will pray for you.” I told her thank you very much, that meant a lot to me, and you don’t even know me.” So instantly I knew what I had to do so I put money on the counter and told the Barista please pay for this ladies meal and treat. The Lady heard me and said God Bless. I told her she made my day. I think all of us need to think of others and not just this time of year. We are still going through this pandemic and I am so praying for it to finally be over, but it’s out of all of our control.

You are also probably wondering how my health is, and I am happy to tell you I am finally doing well. I have my ups and down with losing my hair and having to wear wigs, but I am adjusting. Dave is such a great husband and always there for me when I feel overwhelmed. Also The large 6 inch Cyst I had on my ovary I decided to just have it drained (tired of surgeries) but when the Dr.s went to do it, it was not there , somehow it had leaked and my body absorbed it. They were as baffled as I was, but I am taking that as a win in my book right now. I will have another CT scan in Feb. and have 3 chemo appointments before that. Anyway we hope you have a great New Year. Love to you all, - God Bless all of you, and I can’t thank you enough for all the food, cards and gifts. thank you - Amy

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Dec 31, 2021

Your journey is inspirational, Amy! Such a festive home this holiday season and it's worth a mention that your hot chocolate bar is a fan favorite. And that's such kindness by both you and David; I'm surprised that his kindness didn't include a stipulation that he had to pick out the woman's produce. 😆


Hi Amy! So great to read your Christmas message and especially hearing the good news about your cyst being absorbed!!! Prayers answered.

Once again you are so good about reminding me to look for those opportunities to pay it forward. We did the toy drive at church and the usual gift giving this Christmas. I forget, though, how gratifying it is to be spontaneous and help someone right in the moment - in person.

I also appreciate you sharing your journey - the downs along with the ups. It makes the ups all the more joyous. You help to draw me in to what the truely important things are in life - family, friends, love and helping others.

We are…

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