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update 11-16-2021

Hello Friends & Family,

I waited a couple of months to write an update, because I just had my 2 month CT scan last week. I have good news to share with you. My scan showed no new areas of cancer growth from the last scan done in August. I am what they call stabilized for the time being.

So that is great news on that, but there is an area of concern. The existing large cyst on my right ovary they found on the last scan in August, has increased in size now, and now measured at six inches, and needs to be removed. Last week I saw a Gynecological Oncologist Surgeon, and they are determining what type of surgery they want to do to remove it. I will know soon.

I have had personal changes too.

I have Lost most of my hair, from the newest chemotherapy drug I am on. The end of September, Dave and I took a trip to Hawaii. where the weather was beautiful. When we first got there, my hair started to fall out rapidly, and all I wanted to do was come home. Dave said we could if I wanted to, it would be up to me. When I thought it through, I would have kicked myself for leaving, so we stayed and had a wonderful time. My friend Heather was also with us, and between her and Dave we enjoyed our trip.

When I came home I learned the hospital would give me a free wig, and I ordered one and family and friends gave me a couple. So thank you, thank you so much! My hairdresser cut them into my hair style and I am just now adapting to my new look. I also have a very thin ponytail of what's left of my thick hair to wear with my ball caps.

I know its really stupid to cry about losing my hair, when I have cancer in my body, but I have learned its OK to cry. I know everybody loves their husbands, but mine is the greatest of all! He tells me he loves me for me, not my hair. I am learning to deal with this cancer, but It's been hard, before I couldn’t see the cancer because it was inside of me but now I can see it in the mirror, and I look like a cancer patient, so to me it got real. I know it sounds funny, but it’s my truth, and I am being honest. So please pray for me to accept the changes my body is going through from this ugly disease,and pray there is no cancer under the new cyst. Thank you again, for all the thoughts, gifts, and especially your prayers! -

My Beautiful Mother Faith would always tell me, Don’t be anxious or worry about anything, instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Philippians 4:6

Love to you all - Amy

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5 Yorum

Oh Amy, I know exactly how you feel. With batches of hair coming out so it looked like I had hair plugs I took out the horse clippers and shaved my whole head. It was actually a relief to get it over with. But certainly a shock at first. I purchased beautiful wigs that are not always comfortable but at times looked better than my real hair.

That’s very good news there’s no new areas of cancer. I pray the ovarian cyst will be removed and soon you’ll be on your way to recovery and new hair growth.

Hang in there cousin. It is frustrating when so much of this is out of our control but it is ALL i…


Amy we are so proud of you and your fighting spirit! Thanks for sharing the good news - your faith and the prayers of all of those who love you and Dave are making a difference. Please keep us updated on your surgery. We love you both!

Mike and Denise



I am smiling so big as I read your are such a wonderful person and Dave is such a lucky man to have you as his wife (as you stated, he's a pretty wonderful guy as well) are such an inspiration and keep fighting Girl....your purple bracelet is a daily reminder to me to treat people with kindness and support....thanks for everything.....we LOVE YOU and Dave..

Jeff and Mary


Linda McGavin
Linda McGavin
17 Kas 2021

Amy, you are so brave, and you have a wonderful husband and family who give you amazing support. We are so glad that your cancer stabilized and that you and Dave had a wonderful time in Hawaii. Good luck with the upcoming surgery. We still think about both of your parents when we look at the house next door - and think about you as well! Keep believing!

Linda and Bruce


Love you and all your strength!

You do have a wonderful husband for sure.

Love you both more

Big Sis


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