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Postponing Mayo Clinic

Hello Everybody, first I want to tell you thank you again for everybody taking your time by going on this wonderful site. I can't even explain how this raises my spirits everyday I go on it. I mean how cool is it that I have my own website right? I must tell Dave this almost everyday. Also I watch the video every chemo day, and other days too. This piss ant cancer has nothing on me after that. I feel all your love and support. Ever chemo day their social worker meets with me and always ask about my mental heath, and I always tell them about all my support and love from my friends and family. I tell her I am totally bath in love and support, and that I have my own website. She says she can tell by the way my face lights up when I tell her.

I want to give a special thank you to Dave's wonderful cousin Laura (one of my big sisters) for putting together the Amy's Army Snarky Cancer T-shirt/sweatshirt fundraiser campaign. I sent $300.00 from proceeds of the fundraiser, to our local Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Usually they have a walk in the month of November because November is pancreatic cancer month. This year because of covid they did a virtual online fundraiser. I want to thank all of my friends and family who contributed to it, love you all.

I just finished this week Tuesday my fourth chemo, which is the end of my first round. Round 1 cycle done!!!!!! Chemo day they give me 3 different chemo drugs at dr's office and 1 chemo I am sent home with for 48hrs. then go back and they unhook me. I do chemo every 2 weeks so every 2 months I complete a cycle round. Then after each cycle completed we are suppose to go to Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota and do my tests and exam for my Mayo Dr. Because of Covid -19 we decided to postpone our December trip to the Mayo. We originally scheduled to leave this weekend to meet with Our Dr there, but he agreed, and we have been rescheduled for middle of February.

I will be doing the test Mayo Dr wants to do here in Portland. I am soooo happy about not having to travel at this time.

I will end this by saying thank you again for all the prayers, cards, food, everything. but all the love and support it really helps my mental heath. I am working hard trying to stay away from the reality of my cancer diagnosis. My Wonderful Dave tells me don't go down that rabbit hole, and think positive thoughts we are going to shrink this!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL AND THANK YOU. Amy

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