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Mayo Clinic Visit - 3/2021

Dear Pray Warriors, Thank you for all your Love, Support and Prayers.

Last week we traveled to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, our long anticipated visit with my Mayo Clinic Dr. didn’t really go as we hoped it would. After my scheduled Scans and Blood work, Dr. Truty noticed something abnormal on my pelvis and my stomach area, he wanted to investigate, so surgery was scheduled for the next day, Thursday. Dr. Truty found that my pelvic area was fine, but the cancer had spread outside my pancreas and into an area of my stomach, which now means surgery to remove the cancer from my body is no longer an option.

Dr Truty wants us to continue my chemotherapy treatment, start radiation, then maybe some clinical trials? He Believes the Chemotherapy treatments are working because my CA-19 tumor markers have come down to 90 !!!! and the cancer he found in my stomach area is dead, which tells him my body is responding to the chemotherapy, but since the cancer got out of my pancreas area, chemotherapy and radiation will be our best treatment option.

We anticipate to finish up three more rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and then hopefully give my body a much needed break, so I can feel like myself again.

We will continue to live, love, believe, and pray!

You guys have helped Dave’s and my spirit so much! Your posts, your gifts, your love, and prayers have given us the strength and courage to keep fighting!

Remember God has a plan, we may not know it or understand it, but God’s plan is always right!

God made a promise to all of us, you have to believe and trust in the Lord!

We love you, from the bottom of our hearts! - Amy and Dave

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