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Blessed to Know You Both

Amy and Dave,

I wanted to follow up with you both after the wonderful evening where so many people showed up to let you know how much you matter to them. It was amazing. I want to share a few things that came to mind while I was watching you guys that night.

One thing has become obvious over the years. You only really see who people are during times of adversity. Every player is a decent team mate when they are doing well and things are going there way. Most are not so decent when they are struggling. Adversity in baseball is nothing compared to the adversity that is, literally, life and death. That is what you guys have been going through. Watching your genuine love for each other and your genuine concern for others in attendance that night says everything. Somehow, under the most challenging of circumstances, faith and hope and love were transparently on display. When that happens, you know that the faith you have is completely authentic. You have won the most important game life throws at us, the challenge of living a life that blesses others and shows them how beautiful that is when it happens in a genuine manner. That is why so many wonderful people showed up to show you they care about you both. Nothing is more important than being that kind of people.

Being loved by someone you care deeply about sustains you through anything. The best definition of love I’ve ever seen is this: “the commitment to give of yourself for the spiritual best interest of another.” The word “spiritual” refers to every part of a person: body and mind and spirit and their very soul, that part of us that does not die. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever been able to witness are those times when a couple just transparently show you this kind of shared love. Nothing is more important. What an example you offered for all who came to this gathering. The genuine and beautiful love you have for each other is unmissable. I pray you can savor this blessing every single day of your future together.

Finally, I think that for every one of us life is a double header. Some people get beat by the adversity of life and give up on hope and faith. They never find the value of loving God enough to let the beauty of God’s spirit to just shine through us, sort of like light coming through a stained-glass window and reflecting all the beauty God wants us to enjoy. Amy, I’ve never seen anyone more transparent than you in showing your faith simply by the caring way you interact with others. Dave, the way you are supporting your wife shows this as well. When God is this perceptible, you’ve won the game of life. You’ve also swept the double header at the same time. If you can show a beautiful relationship in this life with so many distractions and challenges, you can’t help but flourish when your soul moves from this life to the next. You’ve won life AND beaten death! Your eternal future is set and you can move forward with that assurance.

I’m praying for you both. I’m hoping vitamin C just clobbers your cancer and it goes away. I’m praying that you just keep supporting each other through tough stuff. I’m praying that the blessings of each day can be noted and appreciated. You guys are not alone in all this. God bless you both. I’m blessed to know you both.

—Dave Gasser

I wanted to offer this as a personal message. If you think it would be good to share with all the friends checking into your website, please feel free.

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