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Amy's Update 4-12-21

Hello everybody, I wanted to give you an update on my health, even if it isn’t all positive.

As you know we went to the Mayo clinic in March to have scans done, and be examined for a future major surgery to possibly remove the cancer from my pancreas and my SMA major artery.

I told you in my last update, that I also had exploratory surgery, so the Mayo Clinic Dr. could determine if I would be a candidate for this delicate surgery.


During my surgery the Dr. found dead cancer cells on one portion of the abdominal lining from the exploratory-surgery biopsy, and thought the chemo was working, other biopsies were collected at the time, but we did not get the results.

Last Tuesday April 6th, was my 11th chemo appointment and we met with my Oncologist (Dave got to be in appt. first time in 6 months) Our Dr. read to us the reports from those other biopsies that were sent out to Labs.

Those new biopsy results showed I now have multiple Live active cancer cells in the abdominal area, and they are positive. The cancer cells have spread outside my pancreas, so now I am considered Stage 4.

We now have a game plan, and we will use all the tools in the tool box!

There will be no radiation, because radiation would only help if the cancer was contained in my pancreas. Our Oncologist referred us to Integrated medicine doctors, and also for genetic testing. We will also be looking into clinical trials, currently there are no trials in Oregon but we will travel to other states if we find a clinical trial that could help us.

I do have some good news, Tuesday April 20th, I will complete my 12th round of Chemotherapy That I started 6 months ago, YAAAAAA!!!!!! I am most looking forward to taking a much needed break from Chemos and getting back to feeling like myself again! I will be off chemo for at least two months…….hopefully a lot longer! My oncologist will take a baseline scan in May and compare it to the scan in July. If we can keep the cancer at bay she will do a scan every two months and compare them to the baseline scan, as long as the scans are good I will be able to stay off chemotherapy.

Warriors, I really need your prayers! Please pray that the chemo has worked and cancer stays down and stops spreading.

While off chemo I am looking forward to walking, playing tennis, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.


Thank you from the bottom of my Heart! I don't know how I got here, but I do know I could not have made it this far without you all, (and my wonderful loving husband) Love-Amy

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