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Hello Army,

First and foremost, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! to all who participated and were involved in the planning and creating “Amy’s High Hopes Cafe” Video, which can be found on this site and You-tube also. When Dave and I first saw it, we both cried and didn’t really hear the words to my new theme song, written for me by the extremely talented Greg Anderson. This video is just like the website truly a gift of love, from family and friends. Both have lifted my spirits so high (hopes), It has become my “Rocky” theme song. I have been listening to it also before we leave our house to go to chemo, it pumps my spirits up to get through this and yes, this PISS ANT Tumor is going to shrink and I will BEAT THIS. This cancer won’t even know what hit it.

The first Chemo round didn’t go so well, I did awesome in the chemo room for the 6 hours. I had 3 different kinds of chemo there, and then I went home with another chemo, in a pump pack hooked up to me for 48 hours, then back to Dr. and they unplugged me. I was really sick for about 10 days, with trying about 3 different kinds of anti nausea meds.

Last Tuesday my second round has been better, this time they gave me a different anti nausea pill I take for just 7 days. Last one was yesterday and so far this round, I have done very well not getting sick YET???? So prayers please for me are : to go through this week and into next without getting sick. The best news also is that my pain I deal with daily is getting better too. YAAA!

This weekend Fri. and Sat. Nov. 20-21 I am having an Estate Sale at my parents home. Prayers for that too. I have help so don’t worry I will be careful with my health. I am in the process of a Sale of the home so need to do this before closing. So if anybody is looking for furniture/ lots of office furniture too or anything let me know. I will give you the address. It is amazing how much you can accumulate in your life, then it all needs to go, when you pass away.

Thank you again for contributing to this site, it truly lifts my spirits so high, and Dave and I feel sooo much love and support, that we are not alone in this journey. I love you all - Amy

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I was told that there is a "can" in cancer because you can beat it.


Hope you are doing well now off chemo this week. I’m so proud of how strong you are and know you will kick this!


Stay strong Amy - continued prayers for you that the PISS ANT tumor will shrink and that your pain and nausea will continue to improve. Love you.



We love you, Amy!

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