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JAN. 8th AMY's update

Yes!!!!!! Great news!!!!! This week I got my test results back from my CT Scan and my Pet Scan. First of all thank you again for the outpouring of Love and Prayers, from everybody.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU- you can’t even imagine what this does for my mental health as well as my physical one. This has always been very scary for me and still is, but with all of our friends and family like you, you all have made it hard to get myself into what Dave says “D0 NOT go down that rabbit hole.” It is hard not too. I really felt all your prayers having these tests done.

So test results: my cancer has NOT SPREAD to any of my other organs which this Stage 3 Pancreatic cancer does. Also showed cancer wrapped around my SMA Artery is decreasing in size. Went from 4.5 down to 2.7 my chemo Dr. says this is great. BUT my Cyst has increased in size to about 4 inches which is located on the tail of my pancreas and located under my left rib cage. Also GREAT NEWS my CA 19 numbers have dropped by 900 in 2 weeks (GREAT NEWS TOO!!!!!) I am only on 1 pain pill a day so pain is down. Test results will be sent to my Dr. at the Mayo Clinic, and we are still on track for heading there in February, I will have the same test again there, as well as an exam from Mayo Clinic Dr. to see that I am on track for possible surgery to save my life.

I just completed my 6th chemo treatment which I have every 2 weeks. I have 6 more to go, should be done with chemo by the end of March, that's what the Dr. says for now.

Thank you again!!!! Prayer is very POWERFUL and it's the most gracious gift you can do for another person. I Love you - Amy

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